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Targeted (TKD)? Or Cyclical (CKD)? Keto Diet Variation Tactics for Fitness and Bodybuilding

What Is the Targeted Ketogenic Diet (TKD)? The standard ketogenic diet focuses on reducing carbs and increasing healthy fats in your meals. For fitness-goers and bodybuilders, carb reduction introduces a problem because they require carbohydrates for endurance and muscle synthesis. This is when targeted keto is useful. A targeted ketogenic diet simply means making modifications to the […]

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5 Best Types of Exercises If You’re on the Ketogenic Diet

The keto diet is one of the trendiest diet plans today. It involves avoiding foods with high carb amounts, forcing the body to use stored fat reserves as fuel once it depletes the stores of carbohydrates. Resulting in weight loss. For achieving optimal results, you should pair this diet with an adequate amount of exercise. With a big shift in […]

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