Can You Drink Alcohol on the Keto Diet?

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People that are new to the ketogenic diet might find themselves asking, “can you drink alcohol on keto?” Or “what is the best type of alcohol to drink on a ketogenic diet.”

This article answers all those questions and more.

Can You Drink Alcohol On The Keto Diet?

When the weekend rolls around, it might be tempting to have a couple of beers with your friends. But you might wonder if it’s okay to drink alcohol on a ketogenic diet. The answer to that is, yes, you can.

But there are some negatives to drinking on keto. Certain alcoholic beverages tend to have a high carb content, so you need to be careful about which drink you choose. Another negative is that drinking alcohol excessively can lower your rate of ketosis.

The science behind this is that your liver helps your body process alcohol quickly, disrupting the process of fats turning into ketones. Another con to drinking alcohol on keto is that it can affect the intensity of your hangovers since keto is essentially low in carbs which helps you process alcohol better. 

And lastly, you may be more prone to binging on unhealthy treats while drinking alcohol on keto. Who can resist a greasy kebab or a nice slice of pizza after a long night of drinking? To avoid this problem, you can make sure to have some keto-friendly snacks with you on your night out. 

Tips for Drinking Alcohol On Keto

Now that we’ve discussed the cons of drinking alcohol while doing keto, let’s talk about some essential tips you should keep in mind.

Eat Before You Drink

Loading up on carbs before you drink alcohol helps you tolerate alcohol better. Eating carbs may also help lower the intensity of a hangover. Another benefit to eating a carb-loaded meal is that it can help you avoid any craving you may have after drinking.

However, keto is a diet that focuses on reducing or even completely cutting out carbs. To avoid getting too drunk and getting a killer hangover the next day, make sure to have a filling meal before consuming alcohol. There are many high-fat and low-carb options that you can choose from.

Eating a delicious keto-friendly meal can also help you minimize cravings and avoid any guilt the day after. But you might still find yourself wondering what you can eat before drinking. 

Try out a delicious veggie burger with bell peppers as a bun replacement. Adding meat and cheese to your keto-friendly sandwiches can make them filling and delicious. As an added kick, you can also try adding some guacamole.

Stay Hydrated 

Alcohol can be very dehydrating, which is why it is essential to keep drinking water. Try drinking a couple of glasses of water both before and after you drink. This will help you stay hydrated and can also sober you up before you head to bed.

Watering down your drinks can also help with limiting the amount of alcohol you consume. Make sure to sneak in a few glasses of water in between drinks. If you have a hard time finishing a large amount of water, you can also add flavor drops or electrolytes

Consume Exogenous Ketones

Exogenous ketones usually come in the form of supplements and are used to either get into or stay in ketosis. Consuming exogenous ketones is excellent for when you’re drinking alcohol, and it may even help lessen the intensity of your hangover the next day. These supplements are packed full of electrolytes as well.

Although it is essential to keep in mind that a little bit of alcohol will not kick you out of ketosis, if you still feel skeptical about drinking on keto, you can always use exogenous ketones while doing so.

Avoid Eating Certain Foods

Other than carbs, certain foods should be avoided when you are consuming alcohol. Foods like dark chocolate and other dairy products can be bad for your stomach when paired with a drink. Also, try to avoid greasy and salty foods, as they may dehydrate you further.

Greasy food can also leave you feeling worse the morning after. Instead, opt for lighter, healthier, and keto-friendly options.  

Best Alcoholic Beverages For Keto

Now that we’ve discussed some tips for staying safe while drinking on the keto diet, let’s talk about the best and worst alcoholic beverages you can drink on keto.

When it comes to alcohol, moderation is key. Although a few drinks won’t knock you out of ketosis, drinking excessively can be unhealthy. Avoid alcoholic beverages which have a lot of sugar in them, such as mixed cocktails.

Here are some excellent options to choose from when you’re drinking on keto:

Wine and Champagne

Wine tends to have a low carb and sugar content. A glass or two of red wine can be healthy for you as it’s packed with antioxidants. Champagne is another good option as glass only contains two grams of carbs.

Both these beverages are suitable for celebrating, so swap out sugar cocktails with a glass of wine or champagne instead.

Light Beers

Beer tends to have a high carb content, so you must be careful when consuming them. Some light beer options have a lesser carb content and are just as satisfying. Some good options to choose from are:

Hard Liquor 

Hard liquor is an excellent option since they tend to contain zero carbs. Stick to unflavoured liquor and add in your sugar mixers for some great weekend drinks. Some of the choices you can go for are unflavoured vodka and tequilas.

Whiskey is another excellent option, and you can water it down, so you don’t need a mixer. Some good ideas for sugar-free mixers include:

Worst Alcoholic Beverages For Keto

So while there are many healthy options you can pick from, try and avoid certain drinks as they can knock you out of ketosis. Alcoholic beverages can contain a ton of sugar, which is something you want to avoid even if you’re not dieting. 

Here are all the drink you should ditch when you’re on keto:

Mixed Drinks

Mixed drinks like Bloody Mary, Daiquiris, and margaritas are packed full of sugar syrups. Instead of opting for these sugary overload drinks, try mixing your alcohol with some of the healthier options we’ve listed above.

Dairy-Based Beverages 

Avoid drinking creamy drinks like Pina Coladas, as they can be very high in calories. Drinks that contain Baileys Irish cream or other creamy ingredients make it very easy to pack on the pounds and are also very sugary. 

Regular Beer

Regular beer has a very high carb content and may knock you out of ketosis. This is since beer production requires wheat. Instead, opt for a light beer, like the ones we have mentioned above.

Final Words

Keto is a great way to shed unwanted weight and lose a few inches around your waist. Although it may seem hard, with suitable alternatives, you can go through each day without worry. It’s all about swapping out carb-loaded foods and drinks with healthier options.

We hope this article helps you pick the right alcoholic beverage for your night out!

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