Review: Blaze Keto Pizza Crust (Yes, It’s Delicious!)

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Blaze Pizza keto crust pizza in a box at dining table in restaurant pizzeria

Blaze Pizza has introduced a fast-food ketogenic innovation: their “keto crust.” Its thin crust swaps flour and yeast for eggs, flaxseeds, and cheese—resulting in a doughy crust that kind of resembles the crust of a regular pizza.

A true fast-food, keto-friendly pizza pie? The news alert snatches my attention and slaps me in the face. Perhaps I need to try Blaze Pizza and their new keto crust invention.

Since I’m still below my net carbs limit for the day (25g), I still have room to try this pizza if I want. Why not, I think. I get in my car and stroll to the restaurant.

I order their “Veg Out” signature pizza since I’m a pizza-vegetarian. I request the keto crust (+$3.50), which states “6g net carbs” on the sign (I’m assuming per slice). A clerk brings out a small, tostada-looking thin crust from the back. I request mozzarella cheese, red sauce, onions, mushrooms, and no Brussels sprouts. The worker places the creation inside an open fire oven and almost 10 minutes later my pizza is ready to eat. They hand me the food and I eagerly sit down at a table.

The pizza crust is deep brown with burnt edges. The crust bends without cracking, making it easier to grab with my fingers and not worry about veggies falling off. It’s cheesy, and the salty sauce tastes delicious. The toppings complement the cheese and sauce. After a couple of slices, I begin to taste a “weird” aftertaste. Maybe it’s the cooking of flaxseeds. However, I don’t taste any cheese in Blaze’s keto crust. After slice 3 and 4, the crust turns a bit doughy and loses its post-oven hardness. The aftertaste becomes stronger, but not enough to dull the pizza flavor.

I recognize the aftertaste aroma. It’s common for most flour-replacement keto recipes. If not for the pizza flavors, the aftertaste might’ve been stronger. I think Blaze Pizza can solve this by placing a layer of shredded cheese just prior to the sauce, and then adding another layer of cheese after the sauce is laid (per normal pizza-making operations). This can allow the cheese to seep into the crust during cooking in the oven.

Overall verdict? I approve this keto-friendly pizza delight!

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