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Avocados, meat, eggs, butter, and other keto-friendly foods

How to Start the Keto Diet for Weight Loss

How to Start The goal of the keto diet is to increase your intake of healthy fat and decrease your intake of carbs (with moderate protein consumption). You should know which foods are ideal. When planning your meals, you should include foods that are high-fat and low-carb. Here are a few examples: Healthy fats such as butter and coconut oil. […]

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Keto-friendly and Paleo-friendly foods

Keto vs. Paleo: How Both Diets Are Different for Weight Loss

Are Keto and Paleo the Same? No. There are a number of differences in Paleo and ketogenic lifestyles. Before comparing them let’s cover the basics of each plan. What is the Paleo Diet? The basic idea behind the Paleo diet is that our paleolithic ancestors only ate whatever resources were available to hunt or forage. […]

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Swimmer in clear, blue water

5 Best Types of Exercises If You’re on the Ketogenic Diet

Avoiding foods with high carbohydrate amounts is the goal of the keto diet. This action forces the body to eventually use stored fat reserves as fuel, which results in weight loss. To achieve optimal results, you should pair this diet with an adequate amount of exercise. Energy levels can get disrupted when a big diet shift occurs. Exercising […]

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