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The Average Timeline of Keto Flu Symptoms

When you start the keto diet to activate ketosis, you’re likely to experience benefits. But because of keto flu, you can feel worse before achieving the benefits of a ketogenic diet. It’s helpful to know the duration of symptoms that are associated with keto flu and when they can appear. The Keto Flu Timeline Show […]

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10 Best Drinks for Keto Flu Relief

Why Keto Flu Happens Keto flu occurs when the body undergoes a massive metabolic shift. The reduction of carbohydrates drains the body’s glycogen stores and forces it to switch from carbs to stored fats for fuel. The adaption causes insulin levels to drop, the release of ketones, and kidneys to work more than usual.  All […]

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7 Best Supplements for Keto Flu Relief

Like many diets, the keto diet often requires a person’s body to adjust to unfamiliar changes. Trying the diet for the first time could result in keto flu. New keto dieters should watch out for several symptoms and explore supplement options to help them get through its early stages. What is Keto Flu? Keto flu, […]

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Review: Blaze Keto Pizza Crust (Yes, It’s Delicious!)

Blaze Pizza has introduced a fast-food ketogenic innovation: their “keto crust.” Its thin crust swaps flour and yeast for eggs, flaxseeds, and cheese—resulting in a doughy crust that kind of resembles the crust of a regular pizza. A true fast-food, keto-friendly pizza pie? The news alert snatches my attention and slaps me in the face. […]

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Targeted (TKD)? Or Cyclical (CKD)? Keto Diet Variation Tactics for Fitness and Bodybuilding

What Is the Targeted Ketogenic Diet (TKD)? The standard ketogenic diet focuses on reducing carbs and increasing healthy fats in your meals. For fitness-goers and bodybuilders, carb reduction introduces a problem because they require carbohydrates for endurance and muscle synthesis. This is when targeted keto is useful. A targeted ketogenic diet simply means making modifications to the […]

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Can You Drink Alcohol on the Keto Diet?

People that are new to the ketogenic diet might find themselves asking, “can you drink alcohol on keto?” Or “what is the best type of alcohol to drink on a ketogenic diet.” This article answers all those questions and more. Can You Drink Alcohol On The Keto Diet? When the weekend rolls around, it might […]

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Intermittent Fasting on the Keto Diet

Combining keto and intermittent fasting has many benefits Keto and intermittent fasting have become the latest popular approaches to weight loss. Intermittent fasting has proven its worth, along with the keto meal plan. People have been wondering why, and how, to combine the principles of the ketogenic diet with practicing intermittent fasting, and whether it’s safe. This […]

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Top Keto Diet Mistakes That Hinder Weight Loss

The goal of the keto diet is to decrease the number of carbs you consume while increasing your fat intake. It’s not easy and mistakes will happen. If you’re just starting, or have been practicing for a while without seeing results, the list of keto mistakes below might apply to you. The Most Common Keto Mistakes Obsessing […]

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10 Tips To Help You Stick With A Healthy Keto Diet

It takes 21 days to break a habit Changing your dietary habits and adapting to the ketogenic lifestyle isn’t easy. Maintaining long-term healthy habits is a challenge. American meals are saturated with junk nutrition and carbohydrates—especially with sugar. Is incorporating permanent, healthy eating habits possible? Plenty of individuals started this journey before ketosis ever entered your lexicon. […]

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