10 Best Drinks for Keto Flu Relief

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Water from bottle being poured into glass.

Why Keto Flu Happens

Keto flu occurs when the body undergoes a massive metabolic shift. The reduction of carbohydrates drains the body’s glycogen stores and forces it to switch from carbs to stored fats for fuel. The adaption causes insulin levels to drop, the release of ketones, and kidneys to work more than usual

All the actions above lead to dehydration and loss of electrolytes.

Low energy and “brain fog” are common keto flu symptoms. Some people also experience digestive issues when shifting from the consumption of starchy vegetables and grains. These symptoms are usually short-term, lasting from a few days until a couple of weeks.

Drinking liquids can simultaneously solve two problems: thirst and electrolyte replenishment. Read the list below to learn about keto-friendly drinks that can alleviate keto flu symptoms.

Best Drinks for Keto flu Relief


Water is no-carb, chemical-free, and when salt is added—acts as an electrolyte replenisher. It’s best to drink it throughout the day to remain hydrated. 

Sparkling Water (Seltzer Water)

It has up to 5 calories, even for slightly flavored varieties. The carb-free drink provides a great alternative to tonic water (clear and bubbled water that contains a lot of sugar). A dash of squeezed lemon adds approximately ½ gram of sugar.

Hard Liquor

You can drink alcohol on keto, but there are ramifications to consider. Keto dieters should limit themselves to one glass of wine if possible (unless a wine’s serving size is keto-friendly). Dry wines such as white wine have less sugar and carbs than other types. Rum, vodka, gin, and whiskey without sweetened mixers have 0g of carbs. For a nice chaser, mix them with keto-friendly sparkling water

Diet Soda

Even though some experts advice against diet soda, some products are fine for keto because they’re sweetened with sugar alcohol. Diet soda is not the best pick because they can contain a high amount of carbohydrates, plus most of them still considered empty calories. If you’re thirsty and in a jam, consider drinking a diet soda (use our food label calculator to determine if a drink is keto-friendly).


A plain cup of coffee is keto-friendly and alleviates “brain fog.” Extras that are added to coffee determines whether the drink stays keto-friendly or not. Pouring unsweetened cream or a few packets of sweeteners (aka “sugar substitutes”) won’t kick you out of ketosis. Most keto dieters prefer to add fat that comes with heavy cream. However, too much coffee detracts from hydration and leads to thirst. Drink sparingly.

Nut Milk

Nut milk is low-carb and nutritious, perfect for the keto diet. Unsweetened almond, cashew, and coconut milk form 1g of carbs in a single serving (1-2 cups). They’re also a great source of vitamins and minerals, especially sodium and potassium, which are necessary for hydration and electrolyte replenishment.

Bone Broth

Bone broth is a comfort drink that replenishes electrolytes. It creates a savory tasting experience when it’s steamed. Most bone broths have zero carbs, contains less than 50 calories, and averages around 9g of proteins. 

Calorie Free Tea

Most teas are thirst quenchers. They’re low-carb and free from calories—if you don’t add sugar. Sweeteners are fine to use if they’re also low in carbs. Teas promote antioxidant flavonoids and improve the function of the blood vessels. Green tea is infamous for increasing your metabolism.

Dairy Milk

You can drink dairy milk, but check its food label to make sure it’s keto-friendly. Pick whole milk for high-fat content and pay very close attention to the serving size. One cup can contain 12 grams of carbs, which would consume half of some dieters’ daily carbohydrate allowance.

Gatorade Zero

Researchers have long suggested that Gatorade is a healthy option for electrolyte recovery. Because regular Gatorade varieties contain a lot of sugar, they’ve recommended that only individuals who workout for more than 90 minutes per day consume the drink. Since their new ZERO series contains 0g of sugar, relying on sucralose instead, this makes the drink keto-friendly.

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