Top Keto Diet Mistakes That Make You Fat and Hinder Weight Loss

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Notepad with keto diet ratios, and keto-friendly foods on table (eggs, nuts, salmon, avocados)

Many First-Timers Make Common Mistakes

The goal of the keto diet is to decrease the number of carbs you consume while increasing your fat intake. It’s not easy and mistakes will happen. If you’re just starting, or have been practicing for a while without seeing results, read the list of keto mistakes below and discover if any apply to you.

The Most Common Keto Mistakes

Obsessing Over Your Weight

No diet shows immediate results. Weight loss works gradually. If you stick to your diet, expect to start seeing results in a week or two after you begin. But even this varies. Every person’s body is different and those who hold more fat, or live a sedentary lifestyle, will see results later in their keto dieting journey.

Too many keto dieters become impatient and end their efforts.

Obsessing over your weight and the results will only lead to failure. Focus on following the keto diet and exercising. Eventually, you’ll start seeing results.

Using the Keto Diet as a Quick Fix

Want to lose a few extra pounds to fit in a special dress or suit? While these are common goals, the keto diet won’t fix these immediate weight loss goals. The keto diet works differently than other diets. That’s because the keto diet aims to turn your body into a state of ketosis. By eating fewer carbs and more fat, you’ll raise your blood ketone levels. This increases your insulin levels and accelerates your fat breakdown, thus burning fat easier.

Since your body is forced to make changes, you’ll only experience the keto diet effects if you stick with the diet long-term. This is why many consider the keto diet as a lifestyle change rather than a diet change.

If you only want to shed a few extra pounds and go back to your normal diet habits, the keto diet isn’t right for you.

Eating the Wrong Fats

You should eat lots of fat. So you can feast on bacon, steak, and cheese and douse all of them in vegetable oil, right? Not exactly.

No two fats are exactly the same. You need to eat the right fats in order to see keto diet results. Bad fat you should avoid are mostly processed fat, which includes vegetable oil and other fats you cook with.

The best fats are saturated fats (small amounts), monounsaturated fats, and polyunsaturated fats. You can find these fats in avocado, butter, eggs, walnuts, and many types of fish. MCT oil is a popular alternative to unhealthy cooking oils. It’s also available as a powder that you can add to snacks and beverages.

Not Eating Fats

What if you’re doing a great job of avoiding processed fats but are still not seeing results. Are you even eating fat?

In a normal diet, carbs are our primary energy source. But you’re depleted of carbs on the keto diet. This means fat is your primary energy source. The macro also helps absorb other nutrients, maintain healthy cells, and helps you feel full.

As you can tell, fat is essential to keto diet success. But many keto diet beginners avoid fat.

Why? Most grew up believing that fat leads to weight gain. In reality, you need fat to lose fat. This is why the keto diet is a high-fat diet.

Not Drinking Enough Water

How much water do you drink?

Many people don’t drink enough water but it’s essential for those on the keto diet. When your body is enduring ketosis, you lose a lot of fluids. This makes hydration even more vital.

When you feel thirsty, don’t grab a soda or smoothie. Grab a glass of water. You’ll also take in less sugar, enhancing your keto success.

Eating Too Much Protein

Protein is one of the most essential nutrients we can consume.

Protein is the component that helps build our muscles, tissues, and collagen. Because of its health benefits, many diets emphasize taking in more protein – especially for those who practice fitness along with dieting.

Protein is a core part of the keto diet. But you need to consume the correct amount. Your body only needs a certain amount of protein. If you consume more protein than necessary, your body will convert that into fat.

Not Mixing Up Your Meals

The keto diet is very strict. You’re only allowed certain foods and in certain quantities.

For beginner keto dieters, they tend to eat the same meal consistently. While some aren’t opposed to eating avocado every day, there’s a good reason why you should diversify your keto diet as much as possible.

If you eat the same thing, you’ll get bored and will end your diet.

While it seems like the keto diet is restrictive, there are many foods and recipes you can eat. Try a new eat every day or amp up your cooking skills and make homemade keto-friendly meals.

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